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27-07-2006 15:25:51

Why is it that when I login, it shows I have the correct number of referrals, but the referral IMAGE, shows that I only have half of what I have. For instance...I've finished 100.Free4Me, and got paid, but it's saying I have 1/3 refs.

And for 50.free4me, i finished that also...and it's saying I got 5/10 refs.

What's going on?


27-07-2006 19:43:10

Does it affect your order? If so, have you tried contacting support about it?


27-07-2006 19:51:33

Yes. I've contacted support. It doesn't affect your order. Pay attention to the site itself, not the image. There are "referral image" problems (cache problems on theire site).

So the referral image is not right, but the number of referrals when you login to your account is. It's nothing to get worried about. )


27-07-2006 20:00:19

Why'd you make a thread about it?


28-07-2006 05:51:56

Because I made the thread before speaking to support. lol