I just signed up for free4me 500, 2 offers? w t f

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27-07-2006 12:10:05

I just signed up for the 500 site as my side of the deal in a trade. The other guy did my 3604free. It says

Offers you have completed
Page Required Completed
Page #1 1 0
Page #2 1 0

So is this site unique in that I have to complete two offers before i go green? if thats the case i have a bone to pick with my ref who didn't tell me this


27-07-2006 12:13:44

It's not unique. And yes, you have to complete two offers in order to go green. ;)


27-07-2006 12:15:51

well its the first site i've seen like that, including the other free4me sites i signed up for. My ref should have atleast told me, as finding new offers to do is a challenge for me. so i spend double what he spends, wack


27-07-2006 12:58:47

Its not that bad, look at gadgets, tickles are worth 1/3 !!! , so you gotta do 3 offers! So i gave up on that site completely.


27-07-2006 13:13:53

If you did Earthlink, it's one offer. ;)


27-07-2006 20:52:27

i had to pay each person like 40 bucks for each ref on gadgets cry