GUYS! Major help!

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25-07-2006 18:06:57

I may have F'ed up!

Here is the Support ticket is ent

[quote77f9a7f489]Hey guys, I am Contacting you because i dont want to get into trouble. Today i did a trade on a forum site with a kid. I did not know that once u sign up for a Free4me account on 1 site it does it for all. I sign up i think for some other site with my Buisness e-mail... so i may have 2 accounts. I really do not know. Can someone Please check my IP and make sure everyhting is ok. I did not know that it created a log in for all of them so i might have 2 accounts Please respond Proply and I appreciate your time. Once again I didnt mean it if it syas I have 2[/quote77f9a7f489]

What u think will happen


25-07-2006 20:10:36

From what i know about that network, you will probably be OK. Did you sign up for the same site twice, or different sites with different emails? If they are different sites, then you should be fine.


25-07-2006 21:47:48

Yea i did it for another.... tere is liek no big message telling people...

i was like what am i doing wrong

I wanted to let them kno in advance so i dont look guilty


27-07-2006 10:40:29

my bro made an account on there, (we use the same pass for like everything) and now I am going to be on hold....they aren't forgiving.


27-07-2006 13:11:06

I paid mewcha for a ref on gaming.free4me

Now, i'm waiting to see when it'll be on hold.

I expect my money back.

Think a mod can unban him so i can get in touch with him so i can get my money back?