DS lite?

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10-07-2006 09:43:57

is there gonna be one?coz they have a regular DS...and they seem to cost te same..
just wanted to no if they r gonna upgrade


10-07-2006 10:41:48

Probably submit a support ticket. They have one on the gaming site so I wouldn't think you could upgrade or custom order it.


10-07-2006 16:34:04

this is wat i got idk wat it
Ticket Replies
On 07/09/06 user wrote
r u guys gonna add it? coz its the same price as of a regular DS...just asking..
On 07/09/06 user Jo wrote
The DS Lite is avaliable on gear now.

it says its avaliable in gear..thats the site im doing..but i dont c it..there


10-07-2006 18:23:47

I'm assuming that means he replaced the DS with the DS Lite, but didn't bothering updating the site yet.

unknown uchiha

11-07-2006 19:25:03

Yeah, like compuguru said. They probably will ship the DS Lite in place of the DS, since I heard that the original DS is being phased out.


12-07-2006 09:34:03

yea...its getting cheaper[99$]

thx for your help