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06-07-2006 16:52:05

My account on Gaming.Free4Me went to "Shipped" last monday, and it still hasn't arrived yet. I want to ask them about it. Does Free4Me have an AIM account? What is the username? Is there a Free4Me Rep here? Is there anyway to contact them besides a support ticket?


06-07-2006 17:18:08



06-07-2006 17:32:56

I asked him couple days back & he said they send through ups ground so it might take longer then expected.


06-07-2006 20:14:40

Wow... mines went "Shipped" this monday... so based on your situation now, it seems i won't get mines 'til another week.............


06-07-2006 20:17:55

It depends on where it was ordered from. Took me a week to get my DS Lite D


07-07-2006 16:13:09

Never mind guys, got it yesterday ;)


07-07-2006 20:10:00

So what did you get? ;)


08-07-2006 07:13:28

A DS Lite ;)


08-07-2006 14:37:42

( My DS Lite has been pending since last saturday, thats one week, any chance anyone knows when it will ship?


08-07-2006 14:46:51

I sent for approval last friday and got the DS just yesterday. So exactly 7 days to receive.


08-07-2006 14:48:32

Oh thanks,but how long was it in the pending stage?


08-07-2006 17:06:42

[quote90dbb334a4="Killer722"]Oh thanks,but how long was it in the pending stage?[/quote90dbb334a4]
They approve every Saturday morning. So if you request approval on Saturday evening, you could be pending almost a week. But if you request approval on 115959 on Friday night, then you'll only be pending a few hours. It seems like you barely missed the approval cut. x

Don't worry though. It will be approved tomorrow.


08-07-2006 17:08:58

Yes, i talked to the helpful aim support and he told me it should be approved tonight at around midnight by peter. ) lipraysli