Question about referrals

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04-07-2006 21:26:45

I've never done anything like this before...., and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Do my referrals also have to complete their referral requirements for me to complete the offer and recieve a gift?

Thank you, and please help the noob!


04-07-2006 23:15:41

No. They just have to do an offer.


14-07-2006 22:22:40

[quoteed56d5c6e5="i-ninja-u-dead"]No. They just have to do an offer.[/quoteed56d5c6e5]

So does this mean they need to do only 1 offer to count, or do they need to do all 3 (macs.free4me)?


15-07-2006 04:33:09

Depends on the site. On macs.free4me, they gotta do 3 offers. On 100.Free4Me, they gotta complete one offer. ;)