So about the Paypal issue

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unknown uchiha

21-06-2006 21:42:25

Since Paypal is no longer an option, I was wondering what other alternates we could get besides Check and SuperCertificate? I'd like to replace the Paypal on 100.Free4me with like, a DS Lite that costs the same amount of referrals on Gaming.Free4me. Is this a possibility, Peter?

Oh, and heads up to all. Paypal is limiting freesite owners' Paypal accounts =(

(This is taken from A4F's main page)


21-06-2006 21:45:31

Heh, welcome to 2 days ago. lol

PayPal has since rescinded their ban and once again allow free sites to use PayPal. Give the forums a once-over at the numerous PayPal threads, whydontcha. ;)