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04-06-2006 15:59:38


I signed up on 500.free4me . Then i signed up with another id on 250.free4me as i didn't know same id can be used. now i am asking them to delete the id but they are not. they are saying don't use it otherwise we will place on hold.. what to do ??

btw, just to remove confusion, suppose i signup on as abc@abc and want to signup on under referral xyz@xyz, can i give his referal id and then logon to my abc account. will xyz get credit ??


Free4Me Peter

04-06-2006 16:03:09

Multiple passports are allowed as long as you don't have an account for the same site on more than one passport. You can be someone elses referral by using their ref link to signup for the site and then logging into your passport after you confirm the referral number.


04-06-2006 16:08:03

Right now, I am not sure which ID I used for signing up where. So, I asked to delete all my account so that i can start fresh.

As for second question, suppose I signup as on . now I want to signup on 250.free4me under a referral , so how to do. Can you please explain in detail.

Also, you mean you cannot have more than 1 account in 1 site ?

Please see support ticket 2356


05-06-2006 13:07:38


unknown uchiha

05-06-2006 19:45:41

If you signed up as "" for one site, then when you click on "" you pick a prize, then click on "continue"

Once you do that, it will give you two options Sign in or create a passport. You just sign in and there is a checkbox that says "I acknowledge that I am being referred by ________" etc.


07-06-2006 02:59:48

Yes, but by doing that will it mean that on the site I am being referred by "referralhere" ??