Did tickle offer but still not credited, claims 10mins

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30-05-2006 15:26:46

I did a tickle offer 25 minutes ago and it still hasn't credit. Just want to make sure. Has anyone done the tickle offer for this site and does it take more than the 10mins they estimate?


PS- i've cleared my cookies before i did the tickle offer


30-05-2006 16:07:53

Weird, normally they credit fine for me, although one took until the next morning to credit. shrug


30-05-2006 16:22:04

Thanks! )


03-07-2006 20:11:44

tickle credited within 10 minutes for me tonite of the free4me network


03-07-2006 23:37:48

Mine usually credits within 5-7 minutes.


05-07-2006 03:55:30

if it doesn't credit instantly you won't get credit probally.


06-07-2006 01:21:00

3 of my referals told me they did ESP,VIDEO PROFESSOR,and TICKLE IQ

but they dint have Green so what im suppose to do now

( this is bad they said they completed at 100% each offers

but dint get a green they even waited for 2 days

and i waited too but nothing changed (


06-07-2006 09:20:22

Have your ref submit a support ticket for anything but Tickle. It will take prolly two weeks to get credit for them if they get it.


06-07-2006 17:49:38

Yea, usually 10 mins for me also


08-07-2006 10:36:53

man this sucks

2 seperate people i sent in trades on gaming.free4me.net yesterday did different tickle offers and no credit as of now.

do you think tickle shaves? another dude did a tickle test on yourgiftsfree and instantly greened.


08-07-2006 12:37:14

If they have done tickle offers before and did not clear their cookies it will not give them credit.