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23-05-2006 12:07:25

Man, crediting issues are sucking monstrously.

3 of my buds did true, and absolutely none of them went through.

1 Did vid prof, and its like whoa, shafted, no credit.

and 1 did a tickle, and the site went down for about 15 minutes two nites ago, at the exact time that this fella did a tickle, so no credit there.

Man, i want my mac mini, at this rate it is like damn.


23-05-2006 21:42:28

Hmm, I was about to start this site... Not exactly what i want to hear....

Anyone else having issues?


24-05-2006 07:20:08

I've never had one issue with crediting, haven't had any refs have any issues either. Just finished Macs and LCDs, about done with Gear now too.

If you're thinking about starting it, do it. It's by far the best network I've dealt with so far, and crediting issues are resolved quickly IF it's found to be a problem with the network or advertiser. If it was operator error, there isn't much one can do.


24-05-2006 07:35:46

I got shafted on a tickle test but did another one the next day and got instant credit.


24-05-2006 08:38:50

actually luca free4me networks are pretty tits might i say. I did gear.free4me w/ absolutely no problems. i think i am just having a streak of bad luck w/ them.

I just want my damn macmini so bad.


24-05-2006 09:11:07

crediting is great for this site


24-05-2006 10:39:24

I never recieved credit for a tickle test i did, but than i did the orexis offer which was instant credit.


24-05-2006 14:17:29

I've never had any problems with free4me's sites. They're my favorite.


24-05-2006 17:10:20

Crediting on free4me is amazing.


24-05-2006 18:48:46

has anyoen been getting credit for true lately.


04-06-2006 21:18:27

True credited for me in like 6 minutes.