Paypal Orders

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10-05-2006 19:57:17

Are paypal orders sent on Monday like gifts, or whenever they are verified?

unknown uchiha

10-05-2006 20:46:24

They're verified on Saturdays like normal, then sent Monday around the afternoon PST along with the physical goods.


10-05-2006 20:46:46

Monday. I've gotten 3 PayPal payments and they are all on Monday.


11-05-2006 18:08:04

Okay, thanks guys.


16-05-2006 23:37:18

Just did my first Paypal order from Hotstuff Free4me today, which is Tuesday. Does this mean I don't get paid until Monday?
Please clarify..


17-05-2006 05:09:32

Yep, they approve on Saturday/Sunday and ship on Mondays.


07-06-2006 09:54:18

yeah, you guys are right about that...

i sent in hotstuff approval on tuesday and got paid the next monday.

free4me rocks!!! D