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08-05-2006 14:57:49

http//GiftCard.Free4Me.Net[]http//GiftCard.Free4Me.Net DIY Site


08-05-2006 15:17:08

cool, I like the free4me network doesn't seem to be working?


the link is

unknown uchiha

08-05-2006 16:17:38

Giftcard.Free4me, and it's 9 offers (Three per page). Last page is death though =X

And plasmas.free4me is 5 offers per referral and they're at 4 refs for the 26 inch, 8 for the 42 inch, and 15 for the 50 inch.

gaming.free4me is
DS Lite- 3
400 Paypal- 9 (corrected)
PS3- 9
Nintendo wii- 7
360 Core bundle- 9
Any game- 2

I'm gonna pursue the DS Lite soon =P


09-05-2006 08:24:21

the last page is not bad at all!!! I'm gonna crank out this site in 2 weeks

page 3 party poker + bingo + (take your pick of one OOD)

one OOD isn't bad. party poker and bingo aren't really OOD.

ll prolly do a webhosting one. Takes awhile to credit but then it'll give me time to take a few tickles on page 2 since I can only do 1 a week

it's basically a lot easier than current DIY sites for $500 giftcards. 9 offers sounds daunting but the first page is a joke and can be done in seconds for nothing.


09-05-2006 11:45:39


I knew they were released yesterday but didn't know the ref requirements.

40 refs for a $1,500 TV? That's a bit steep is it not?


09-05-2006 13:11:19

on does anyone know the ratios? I want to go for the big boy but of those 5 offers how many from each page? Any one join yet and have offers available?


12-05-2006 19:38:25

The DIY site looks pretty nice... 1st page is really easy... 2nd page just do some Tickle tests... 3rd page, you might have to spend $150ish if you do 2 Bingo sites and Party Poker... Total, you might have to spend roughly $200 for a $500 gift card... not a bad deal to me =P


15-05-2006 15:12:58

How much for the $400 paypal

unknown uchiha

15-05-2006 17:25:31

9 referrals for $400 Paypal