No tracking number

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02-05-2006 19:00:56

well 3 days has passed since my order have been shipped but i have No tracking number ups could someone tell me when i could receive my lcd?


02-05-2006 19:03:43

I wouldn't worry about that...mine still said STV when I got my SD card. shrug If you want a tracking number, maybe submit a support ticket.

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 19:40:31

Don't worry about a tracking number, tracking numbers are usually like two days behind. You should expect your LCD around Thursday-Friday, if not then Saturday at the latest from what I've experienced =P

Free4Me Peter

03-05-2006 12:28:19

We are working on making tracking numbers automatically upload. However, because of the large amount of orders it is way too time consuming to manually upload each tracking number. For a general idea, items usually arrive on Thursday of the week they are shipped - Tuesday the next week!