Tickle not crediting correctly?

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unknown uchiha

01-05-2006 20:26:26

Just did a Tickle test on this, I cleared my cookies before doing it and made sure the cookies were there before I bought the test. It's been say an hour or two and still no credit.

Then my trade PMed me and told me they had someone else do the Tickle test for the same site (250.Free4me) and got credit instantly...


01-05-2006 20:46:54

With this site it was a hit or miss and no manual credit for these offers. I did one test and it didn't credit so the next day i did another different test and it creditted instantly.

unknown uchiha

01-05-2006 20:48:06

=( I'll wait one day, if nothing then I'll do another offer.


01-05-2006 21:22:10

I guess Tickle has adopted a no manual credit for their offers, so its either a hit or miss kinda thing. I think there is a topic with more info in the orderit4free section.

Free4Me Peter

03-05-2006 12:26:11

Just to clear something up - it means clear cookies before you do the offer not after you click it. If you clear your cookies after you click it theres no doubt that you won't get credit. And yes, sadly, they do not accept no credit reports so it's a hit or miss type of thing.


03-05-2006 12:43:36

Yeah clearing your cookies after you clicked the offer defeats the purpose.

I did a Tickle Test on 250.Free4Me a couple of nights ago and got credit within 10 minutes.