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unknown uchiha

24-04-2006 16:09:06

I just got dropped $350 in my Paypal account =DD

I'm now going to do LCDs for 250, then hit all the money-named ones =P

Quick question, if I can finish this all up by like Wednesday-Thursday and then submit for approval would I be approved that Saturday?


24-04-2006 18:18:27

I don't see why you wouldn't but they have been swamped as of late so you may not. Your best bet is to open a support ticket and try to find out that way.

Which site did you get the $350 from?

Free4Me Peter

24-04-2006 19:08:11

When we approve, all orders are approved that are currently set for verification. So as long as you've sent for verification by Saturday morning you will no doubt be verified in time for Mondays shipping )

unknown uchiha

24-04-2006 19:13:25

Awesome, thanks Peter. TSJ I got the $350 from Gear.Free4me


06-05-2006 16:26:09

What are the requirements for I really wanna sign up for this site because thefreeproject is having a buncha problems at the moment.


06-05-2006 20:35:27

[quote6cdcec309a="somethinggarlic"]What are the requirements for [/quote6cdcec309a]

You have to do 3 offers in total for credit. Two offers from page 1 which are usually cheaper, like Tickle, some $1 offers and several others. Then you must do one offer from page two, these are OOD-Type offers. Currently they have a few $20 casino offers which require you to wager 10x initial deposit, and Party Poker which only requires $50 deposit. Both of those are INSTANT credit.

Then you need to find from 1 to 11 people to sign up under you, depending on your gift selection...

;) It's tough, but not that bad. I just sumbitted for verification on Macs for the MacBook Pro (11 refs), I went green for the guy I signed up under on the 12th of April and got my first green under me on the 17th. Last two just went green this afternoon.


06-05-2006 20:46:57

Wow, 3 offers? Thats rough man. Thanks for the info though.


15-05-2006 18:50:58

peter where did the blockbuster offer on hotstuff.free4me go off to. Many of my refs are interested.


15-05-2006 18:52:07

Try submitting a support ticket. He is also much more active on the A4F forums.

unknown uchiha

15-05-2006 20:55:08

I think I'll have to hug Peter again, got dropped another $250 from LCDs.Free4me today =D But I already spent $200 of it on a Kodak EasyShare V530 =P


15-05-2006 20:59:25

lol, got $50 from him today too. D

Free4Me Peter

16-05-2006 14:06:35

[quote7fa7711646="amir89630"]peter where did the blockbuster offer on hotstuff.free4me go off to. Many of my refs are interested.[/quote7fa7711646]

Blockbuster was removed from hotstuff a week or two ago, it doesn't pay enough to count as an offer on that site!


16-05-2006 14:49:40

hey peter, i submitted a support ticket w/ my friends ref link in it. Im just lettin u know since, there is quite the possibility that you willr ead this way before u read my CS ticket.