REFERAL on hold and shipping

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22-04-2006 19:36:05

I ahve a a question for you guys , can someone tell me if i need to wait another 5 days because i got verified and 1 of my referal have been puted on hold RED.I would like to know , if i find another referal Do i need to wait 5 days again to get shipped next monday or no?Because i waited 5 days and now this referal on hold , i hope this network can instant verify me because all other referals are ok.

please if someone have an answer for that plz reply to this message or send me a PM thanks )


22-04-2006 21:04:09

Don't know for specific about Free4Me. But I know most networks will make you wait the 5 days....

But hell, its 5 days for something free...or near free anyways.


22-04-2006 22:09:45

Deadline for Approval is Sat @ Midnight. However, the Owner (if he's on AIM) may be able to cut you some slack. Otherwise you'd have to wait 5 days.


22-04-2006 22:13:44

Damn ... because of my referal... ill wait 5 moredays it is 113 Am here i dunno what time is it in their network time S why should i wait 5 days they will have to verify my account only one of my referals not the rest because they already did S


22-04-2006 22:31:55

Don't feel bad, I had to request approval 3 times before I got approved (tonight). He approves during the week sometimes too.


22-04-2006 23:41:49

ya but you dont understand... i was 5days calculated exactly so my gift would be shipped on monday now BECAUSE of this dumb referal lol ill wait 5 more days.

why he cant verify my account the admin neeed only 1more referal from me and i refered one tonight so whhy he cant just ship my LCD monday.

verify me now and ship me it monday its simple )


23-04-2006 07:22:05

If you can catch him on AIM (Free4MeSupport I beleive) he may have some sympathy for you. ;)


23-04-2006 09:03:34

i dont have aim S how i can install it lol .. im not using aim S im using msn hotmail and yahoo


23-04-2006 09:10:56

I have just downloaded Aim to chat with me but he is not online

Are you sure the nickname is Free4MeSupport?


23-04-2006 10:22:13

Pretty sure, he's not always online though.