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freebie rocks

26-09-2009 11:26:13


i am selling my freebie network site i have a store that need me full time and i cant do both of tham the site is 2 month old and have 5 sites and alredy in profit
the site have 111 users that sign on 202 of the network site there is every day
traffic and the site is active and make money every day.

Gross/Net Revenue Updating everyday this site can easily make $1000 a month.

Total Number of Unique Users 111
Total Commission Earned $1300
Total Orders Shipped $250.00

Average monthly profit $1000

The script being used is FSRevolution,it costs $700 and is considered the Best script for freebie sites,so,who buy the site will win my FSRevolution account too ,to recieve free updates and free FSRevolution team Support.
Revenue Details

Lists affiliate products from various affiliate networks including Revenue Universe, adsencemedia, instantdolarz and more. Everytime use purchases an affiliate product, owner gets paid.

The site has a Fully Professional Design ,its perfect for who want to start a online business.
this is just for serious buyers who really want to start a online business
Main forms of promotion before included banner advertising

Where do you get your Traffic . the internet is an abundant resource to get your traffic, there are literally thousands of people looking to complete offers on freebie sites. every day!

The buyer will have no orders to pay when they get the site, so it will be debt free.

the buyer will get full network site that making money every day.

The site uses the FSRevolution script (best script out there). I will gladly help the buyer get started with the site and anything else that they need.

if interested pm me and i will give you the site info and will help you
with anything that you need.


26-09-2009 18:09:01


freebie rocks

27-09-2009 17:52:51

thank you for your reply pm me if you want more info


27-09-2009 20:57:37

[quotec08d459c09="freebie rocks"]thank you for your reply pm me if you want more info[/quotec08d459c09]

you cannot sell this on here. It is not a TANGIBLE item.