FS: Modified Xbox 360 plays backups online

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10-09-2009 14:38:11

I've got a core 360 which I hacked with iXtreme firmware and plays burnt games (DVD+-DL) both online and off flawlessly. I've had no issues with it. I want to sell it so I can buy an elite and hack that instead because I've got a $350 Target GC.


10-09-2009 14:59:46

What firmware? How much? What version of Xbox? What DVD Rom?


10-09-2009 15:29:20

Hitachi LG. I think it's 1.3 but it still works and isn't detectable. The newest version is 1.6 no big difference. Make an offer and I'll tell you what I think. ;)


11-09-2009 05:37:08

Well I will pass. 1.3 won't play newer versions of games. And I doubt you would take 100, which is what they go for on xbox-scene.


11-09-2009 11:12:46

They are selling core-360's pre hacked for $100? How is that even economical? Also, I've had no compatibility problems with 1.3 what games won't it play?


14-09-2009 05:45:56

Newer games. And yeah, they buy them broke or red-ringed and correct it themselves.


17-09-2009 14:28:30

You have to flash it to 1.51 or higher for 'third wave' games. You might as well flash to the latest version, 1.6