$500 Wachovia Visa FS

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28-08-2009 14:50:56

I need to get cash for this to pay off my CC bill.. If your interested send me a reasonable offer. No lowballers.. Its activated but unused. $500 balance.


28-08-2009 20:56:30



30-08-2009 10:01:39

What are these forums dead now?? Bumppp


01-09-2009 18:13:28

Looking for $450! Thats 50 extra dollars for free! Comeon! I know you people need to buy groceries and all that, why not save $50?! I really need to get this sold so I can drop this money on capital one!!


02-09-2009 07:35:24

Wow, if I had $450 right now I would do it... I do not understand why no one would do this, it is just like real money, spend it anywhere etc...

unknown uchiha

05-09-2009 17:19:15

I could get the card from you, add it to my Paypal and use that to send you $450 )


05-09-2009 19:08:54

He makes a good point...