More items up on eBay (Updated September 5th 2009)

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unknown uchiha

23-08-2009 18:36:11

If you win any items I'm selling and you're a member of FreeiPodGuide, shoot me a PM on the forum and I'll give you free shipping.

Currently no items listed, keep checking back for more!


23-08-2009 21:01:35

Yay. I bid on your $25 iTunes gift card and 8GB iPod Touch. )


24-08-2009 10:07:43

Bidding on the Scullcandy headphones (mtg1000c).

unknown uchiha

26-08-2009 17:17:01

My friend who owns the iPod touches that I'm selling somehow ended up selling one to his roommate and only letting me know today, so I had to remove one of them. Sorry!

unknown uchiha

05-09-2009 15:43:14

Bump. The second iPod touch is now back up on eBay.