EarnGiftsFree Is Accepting Offers!

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06-07-2009 17:42:19

I'm accepting offers for those interested in buying EarnGiftsFree.

Revenue Details

Revenue is earned from affiliate companies that have incentive offers. I used Revenue Universe, Express Revenue, Aquasis Media, Vintacore, and CPA Underground. If you would like to see the exact breakdown of the statistics, I will allow you into the admin panel of the site where you can see the exact numbers.

Ipods.EarnGiftsFree.com $11,182.25 (Gross) $9687.26 (Profit)

Gaming.EarnGiftsFree.com $2319.85 (Gross) ($1339.85)

Cash.EarnGiftsFree.com $96805.33 (Gross) ($66517.36) Profit

Babies.EarnGiftsFree.com $2633.25 (Gross) $1727.14 (Profit)

We currently have 3.465 users

Site runs off of the FSRevolution Script with Extras ($700)

All payments are up to date (we're still doing business) and all payments will be paid before site is sold.

Basically, you'll be starting with 3,465 users and a fresh slate. The site does not have to sell - I just don't have large amounts of time and money to run the site so I'll be accepting offers.


06-07-2009 20:08:09