Testing The Waters- Iphone 2g 4 gigabyte(gb)

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09-06-2009 12:10:34

So I have the 1st gen iphone. It is 4 GB. Thy do not make these anymore... It would come with the dock, charger and original box... no headphones as I lost them. Also, it is unlocked, jailbroken, and has 7 pages of apps. I can restore it if wanted for necessary space. That is up to you. I am currently using t-mobile on it.

Again... This is just a trial run. Not sure if I want to sell it yet, just want to see what I could get for it. Offer up...

P.S. For wear and tear... there is some scracthes on the screen, many on the back(as do all iphones/ipods) and little dings/scuffs on the corners of the iphone. Everything is 100% working though, + I have a case or 2 for it, and a mirror screen protector which looks really neat, it scracthes easily though, but you can remove it and reveil the nice black screen underneith. Please offer up and tell me what you have to offer.