(2) $25 Best Buy GCs and LGVoyager VX10000

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19-04-2009 08:49:32

Looking to get rid of both of these cards for $40 emailed, $41 mailed.

Phone is new, plastic was taken off of screens, but plastic is still on buttons. This is the non-titanium version. Comes with house charger only. Hoping to get $105 for it.


02-05-2009 09:09:51

want kind of shape is the phone in? any pictures?


03-05-2009 06:40:57

It may be a low ball, but I'd take the best buy gc's for $30 ish...


03-05-2009 07:02:06

Just so everyone is aware, I just bought these off of him. Thanks "downthesun" )