3x 32 gb iPod Touch 2nd Gen For Sale

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17-02-2009 07:20:04

I got an $1,800 Apple gift card from The Reward Depot and, being a college student, would rather have cash than a MacBook Air.

I've purchased 3 32gb iPod Touches from the Apple Store online, and they should be here by Friday at the absolute latest. They are all BRAND NEW and unopened.

I'm open to offers, but keep them reasonable (i.e., definitely above $325), these retail for $399.

I can post pictures when I get them if people would like. If you want to buy all 3, I'll consider a bulk discount if it's a good offer.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


17-02-2009 19:18:59

Found someone locally to buy them all, please close this thread.


23-02-2009 23:15:32

you agreed not to resell them when you used your student discount, but whatever.