Gaming Headphone Setup for Sale

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12-02-2009 15:01:03

I'm selling my Astro Mixamp and my Audio Technica AD-700s. Money is tight right now so Im selling a few things of mine. For $160, you can get

Used AD700s
The Astro Mixamp (
Optical Cable (3 feet)
Original Cables (those that came with the Mixamp)
PS3 USB Adapter ((for use with PS3 (called the "Magic Fairy")
Microphone (came with another pair of headphones I bought, its a clip on mic to go on your shirt)

I've had the AD700s a while, but they work great and feel like they did when they came out of the box. There is only a small issue with one of the top pads (it fell off once, but a little glue fixed it up.

The Mixamp is immaculate. Works just like the day I bought it. My ebay account is "themissinglink09" and I have very good feedback. If you want to buy, just send me a message (here or ebay). Thanks guys. I really wish I didn't have to sell them. They've helped me frag many a noob.

Will add pics later