American express GIFT CARD $15!

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26-01-2009 05:46:00

My last topic was closed for some odd reason, so i decided to reopen another one

I am selling a Gift card that has $15 inside, i am selling it for $15. Please PM me or message me on aim-I'msellingagiftcardforthesamepriceasitsvalue for more info. PAYPAL ONLY[/colora1637bb4a8]

Here are the stated rules
From this point forward, there are two new restrictions
1) For Sale items must be TANGIBLE. That means, whatever you're selling must be a physical object that you are going to mail/ship to the buyer. That means, electronic giftcards are not to be sold. You can sell a physical giftcard, however.

I Have not broken that rule, there for i dont understand why my topic was closed


26-01-2009 07:38:14

I locked your last topic, so I decided to lock this topic.