Xbox 360: Guitar hero World Tour Guitar Bundle!

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05-01-2009 13:23:23

hey guys, just got this today in the mail. Still in box, Guitar hero world tour bundle. Comes with wireless touch pad guitar, and the game, all sealed new in box

Great game, I already beat it, but it lets you make your own new songs, donwload other peoples songs from xbox live, and play them in quickplay mode. Great game.

It costs $100 new. Ill sell 20% off at $80 new... Pm me if your interested.


10-01-2009 10:58:12

Bump! Ill go down to $70 shipped!


10-01-2009 11:01:45

You might want to go a bit lower; it's $76 new on



10-01-2009 11:04:02

Hmm... wasn't aware, in stores its $100 new. And $70 including shipping is a pretty damn good deal when it infact IS BRAND NEW. Um... $70 with free shipping is my lowest price most likely. Its band new, It actually came from amazon as well, hasn't been opened. Will come in amazon box as well...


10-01-2009 11:12:35

Why did you get it in the mail today if you already beat it?


10-01-2009 11:46:04

No I beat it on my own kit. I got the whole and kit. Sorry the way I worded that. I got this one from amazon which was my prize from It is in fact brand new. I just felt like bragging that I beat it. LOL, sorry about the confusion. Its a complete guitar game kit, with guitar and game, strap, stickers manuels etc... Brand new, box is unopened.