For sale- $400.00 Circuit City gift card

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24-12-2008 20:19:10

I have a $400 circuit city gift card that I'm looking to sell. If anyone's interested, post your offers. I'm hoping to get at least $360 out of it.


29-12-2008 14:48:32

LOL. nobody is going to pay more than 50% for a gift card. They'd be an idiot to do so.

1) economy... lots of places are going under, including this one, in which they are on the verge of closing. If this occurs they won't take the cards.

2) people run the risk of receiving a card that doesn't work, in which they can do nothing about it.

3) the list goes on and on.

The biggest reason is it just wouldn't be smart on that person's part. That's a $300+ dollar risk trying to save $40.00, in which might not even get spent normally. If you need cash, try at selling it at MOST 75%, and let people talk you down.


29-12-2008 15:20:47

anape... your retarted dude. I can see what you mean with getting scammed as he has no feedback, but getting $200 for a $400 card? Thats over the top. $360 is kind of high, but not a bad price. If someone is going to spend $400 on a tv or something anyways, then paying $360 for it saves them money.

P.S. Just noticed hes banned, haha


29-12-2008 17:08:50

Wow anApe, good idea. I sell the gift card for 200 dollars and take a $200 loss. I thought a 10% deduction was reasonable.

Well anyways, I used the gift card to buy a new TV today, so this item is no longer available.


30-12-2008 01:05:34

[quote3e367b86df="ilikegreens"]anape... your retarted dude. [/quote3e367b86df]