WTB: SATA hard drive

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20-12-2008 16:35:51

Gimme the specs and your price. I've got an empty enclosure sitting here, and I'd like to put a SATA drive in it.

unknown uchiha

20-12-2008 18:11:40

Just so you know, SATA drives come in two sizes 2.5" (notebooks) and 3.5" (desktops). The 1.8" specification used to be named SATA, but has since been renamed PATA (Parallel ATA) =] More information regarding the size of your enclosure could help determine which hard drive you should be in the market for. Desktop drives are generally cheaper than their notebook counterparts.


20-12-2008 18:42:56

It's definitely a desktop (3.5") drive. I had a 200gb for it, but I decided to put it in my desktop.


20-12-2008 20:25:54

I'd recommend you just buy a new one - check www.pricewatch.com for a good deal, on a size you're looking for. Buying a used drive is not really a good idea.


21-12-2008 00:34:33

I agree with doylnea (dude your name is hard to type). Drives notoriously get way way more failure prone with age, plus they are getting cheaper all the time.