Nintendo Wii SEALED + 5 Games - Discounts to FiPG!

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18-12-2008 17:33:42

I have a Wii for sale, average price on ebay is about $350 shipped, but since FiPG is amazing, I will sell it for $330 SHIPPPPPED via parcel post. Priority Mail for an extra ten, and overnight will be probably 30+....

anyway, if anyone is interested post here or PM me!


18-12-2008 17:56:56

What 5 games are included? Hate to crap on the thread, but again this is the second person that said their deal is good, when Its not. Not to be mean... but if the 5 games are the wii sports, you can buy this for $250. My local store sells them in stock for $250 with the wii sports disk and controller.


18-12-2008 18:39:25

You can get one of these on eBay for less than 300. Anyway, every single store I've been in the past few months that would carry a Wii, has them. They might be sold out in huge malls but I don't think it's hard to find one if you want to call up a few stores.

Sorry for threadcrapping, but as ilikegreens said, it isn't even a good deal.