Great Condition Electronics MEGA THREAD from a fipg veteran

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11-12-2008 15:29:08

1. Sony PSP Original one first gen, like new played only twice. I will throw in GTA for the psp, and the original accessories that came with it. (32mb card, ac adapter, earphones, not sure if i still have the little cleaning cloth) $95 [b006aed4c40]SOLD FOR $100[/size006aed4c40][/b006aed4c40]

2. Dell axim x50 PDA the 400 mghz version with bluetooth 1 gig cf card, and sd wifi card (download installation online) $100

3. Gamecube with 2 games (Cell Damage and Luigi's Mansion) $22

4. Xbox 360 games Name a good price Perfect Dark Zero, NBA 2k6, PGR 3, Kameo, Call of Duty 2, Halo 2, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Saints Row

$35 for all the games together

5. Dreamcast (yeah lol) Name a price

6. Gameboy Advance with 3 gameboy color games (super mario bros deluxe, f-1 race, and pokemon gold version), gameboy color ac adapter, gameboy color gameshark, and link cables) $25 [b006aed4c40] Sold for $25[/size006aed4c40][/b006aed4c40]

7, Ipod Shuffle 1st gen 1 gig $14[b006aed4c40] Sold for $22[/size006aed4c40][/b006aed4c40]

EDIT Listing all stuff on craigslist as well and maybe ebay soon


11-12-2008 19:42:36

pics of the 4th gen ipod please


12-12-2008 06:43:27

As far as the ipod goes, I am taking it off the listing so I can fully test it and reformat it. I do not want to sell anyone something if it hasn't been tested fully. I got a battery indicator icon on it yesterday, so I am resetting it and fully charging it. I don't want to send anyone something broken. Everything else on here on here is in perfect condition. The psp is like brand new with no scratches or anything!


12-12-2008 09:57:41

I might be interested in the X360 games.


12-12-2008 10:28:47

I am putting all my stuff up on craigslist now. I have a lot of good stuff laying around, and I could use money for Christmas shopping or books next semester.


12-12-2008 13:19:53

let me know about the ipod please after you test it


12-12-2008 13:30:13

Well it works pretty damn well after reformatting it and letting it charge. The only thing is I fixed the charger and taped it. But you can also charge it with the computer cables. I don't have the earphones for it, but I can throw in some generics if you want since they are the same thing basically. I think because of shipping I'll let it go at $40 shipped if that's ok. Here is a pic