Guitar Hero IV Wii Bundle eBay

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30-11-2008 20:30:14

This has about a day left and I figured I would get some more publicity for it. I bought this at a local arcade with my saved tickets. My mom sold our Wii, so I'm selling this, never opened. Includes wireless guitar and game, all sealed.

Guitar Hero IV Wii Bundle[=http//|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318]Guitar Hero IV Wii Bundle


01-12-2008 15:03:54

I've not been terribly interested in the whole GH/RB craze. My kids and son-in-law keep mentioning that I should get it (so they can play it of course). If a great deal were to come up I might buy it... say, if you didn't have any luck on eBay, I might have offered you $60 shipped. But it looks like you have a bid now for at least $80 shipped, which is more than I care to spend on something I'll probably never play.