-->> $25: 3-piece set: Christian Lacroix NOIR- men fra

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16-10-2008 19:47:32

[ba5b3aac41b]NEW $25 for all 3 items.[/ba5b3aac41b]

Thanks for visiting. I have these three items for sale & have just one of each, so it will be on a first come, first serve basis.. If u want all 3 items, let me know how much u wanna pay for all three items. one with best offer gets it. Please post here if interested & I will get back with you.


1) Christian Lacroix NOIR Shower Gel

http//i350.photobucket.com/albums/q431/adylisa/PROD_1045512_XL.jpg[" alt=""/imga5b3aac41b]

A burst of rare spices.

Original price $9.00 ~~~ Selling price $4.00; S&H $4.80

(Rich scented lather cleanses and conditions skin. 6.7 fl. oz.)


2) Christian Lacroix NOIR Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

[img="a5b3aac41b]http//i350.photobucket.com/albums/q431/adylisa/PROD_1042738_XL.jpg[" alt=""/imga5b3aac41b]

A burst of rare spices.

Original price $28.00 ~~~ Selling Price $18.00; S&H, $4.80

(A fresh burst of rare spices reveals a rich blend of sensual woods. 2.5 fl. oz.)


3)Christian Lacroix NOIR After Shave Conditioner

[img="a5b3aac41b]http//i350.photobucket.com/albums/q431/adylisa/PROD_1045513_XL.jpg[" alt=""/imga5b3aac41b]

A burst of rare spices.

Original Price $9.50 ~~~ Selling @ $4.50; S&H $4.80

(Soothing alcohol-free formula enriched with aloe and moisturizers. 3.4 fl. oz.)



27-10-2008 06:19:52

What does that cologne smell like?


27-10-2008 08:50:43

[quote757db1da62="TFOAF"]What does that cologne smell like?[/quote757db1da62]

The cologne should smell as good as the After shave conditioner & the Shower gel. Those two are not sealed up, so got the chance to get the scent of it. It really smells good. The cologne is still in its package, with the plastic wrap around it & has not been opened. All three are new.

You can follow [u757db1da62][b757db1da62]THIS LINK[/b757db1da62][/u757db1da62][=http//shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?from=product.aspx&pf_id=33765&from=search&find_spec=LaCroix&camp=200823&dir_delivery=1&rep_delivery=1/][u757db1da62][b757db1da62]THIS LINK[/b757db1da62][/u757db1da62] to see the reviews left by others on all three products. ty


14-11-2008 18:58:50

Reduced to go $30 for ALL three items. PM me if interested


18-11-2008 07:31:48