FS or or trade. $1350 Sports authority Gift cards--- $1,075

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09-09-2008 08:55:10

Just went to shipped on the brandarama site for these (confirmed and been waiting since Nov 7, 2007!). Really do not need anything at the store. So if you do and are looking to buy some expensive sports equipment i'm willing to sell these for $1,075... ($75 covers paypal fees)
it will save you $275..
let me know if you can make me a deal in anyway either by trade or buying..
I will only excpt payment via paypal for this transaction.


09-09-2008 14:49:15

I can't tell by your post if you just went shipped or confirmed to ship, but if you went CTF don't expect your cards for at least a year.


09-09-2008 20:11:46

Sorry Just went to shipped should get them this week!
i have been confirmed since (nov 7th 2007)


17-09-2008 10:24:25

just listed on Ebay


17-09-2008 10:25:38

Your auction will be removed. You can only sell one GC per week...