WTB: Cheap Bluetooth dongle

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28-08-2008 20:48:49

I'm going to set up a wiimote smartboard, but I don't have a bluetooth enabled pc, so I need to get a bluetooth dongle, but I don't want to spend much on it. If anyone has one laying around they're looking to get rid of, let me know what you need for it shipped. Thanks.


29-08-2008 06:04:42

You can buy them online for next to nothing. I have a couple of cheap ones, and this one has worked the best so far


However if I were buying another I'd get one of the tiny low-profile ones that you can leave plugged in and not worry about snapping off, like this one


Shipping is from Hong Kong but is reasonably priced, takes about 2 weeks to arrive though. You might find something similar on eBay. CyberGuys would also be a good source, but not quite as cheap.


29-08-2008 07:15:39

Thanks dm...I bought the first one )


29-08-2008 08:14:10

Heh. I remember like a year ago or so Newegg had a 99 cent sale and there was a bluetooth adaper for $10.99 minus a $10 rebate. )