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unknown uchiha

21-08-2008 16:53:13

A couple of things!

1. Panasonic PV-GS86 MiniDV Palmcorder
Up for grabs is a Panasonic PV-GS85 camcorder. I purchased it at Circuit City for roughly $279 plus tax. It's been used a number of times, but there are no dents or anything in the body. I doubt there are any scratches either. Lens is not scratched or damaged. Comes with two batteries Stock battery (roughly two hours?) and a 2100 mAh 8-hour battery (generic brand). Included are charger and USB cable, along with box (I also might still have instruction manuals). I love this camcorder, but I'm aiming for something more Prosumer at the moment and need all the money I can to get it.
Asking price for Panasonic PV-GS85 MiniDV Palmcorder - $200 or best offer.

2. Sony PSP Slim, white "Darth Vader" special edition with 4.01 m33 custom firmware and 8GB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo
My second item is a white PSP Slim (PSP-2000 model) in the Darth Vader special edition color (white, with Darth Vader's face in the battery cover plate). The PSP has been flashed with the 4.01 m33 custom firmware. If you don't know what that means, here are simple terms It can play ANY downloaded game. Used, no dents/cracks to screen or model itself. UMD tray is fully functional. Will throw in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for free. Also, this PSP comes with an 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo that I will preload with whatever games or songs/movies you wish to have (as long as they fit on the memory stick). I paid roughly $350 plus tax total for this entire setup.
Asking price for PSP, 8GB MS PRO Duo, and GTA Liberty City Stories - $250 or best offer.

3. Nintendo Wii system (includes the Wiimote, Nunchuk, Wii Sports disc, adapter, VGA cables, sensor bar, etc.), one Classic Controller, preloaded with Star Fox 64 (Virtual Console) and a copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
As stated above. This is the ENTIRE Nintendo Wii system I have. You're getting the Wii, Wiimote (with condom!), Nunchuk, Wii Sports disc, AC Adapter, VGA cables, sensor bar, console stand, one Classic Controller, Star Fox 64 (which has been purchased for the Virtual Console), and one rarely played copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This cost me over $320 plus tax.
Asking price for the Nintendo Wii package - $300 or best offer

4. Rock Band Special Edition for Wii
This is the ENTIRE Rock Band Special Edition for the Nintendo Wii. Drums have been played a bit, there are marks on the drumpads from some heavy drumming sessions. Guitar is a caveat Does not sync with USB hub for more than a minute at a time, but it's nothing that can't be solved by sending it into Harmonix/EA for a free replacement. Also comes with microphone (still wrapped) and the Rock Band game disc (in box, played all of four times). I paid $169 plus tax for this.
Asking price for Rock Band Special Edition for Wii - $125 or best offer

5. Kodak EasyShare V530 5.0MP point-and-shoot camera
This is a BLACK Kodak EasyShare V530 camera. I've had it for a few years, recently had it replaced for a defect which means this model you're buying has only been used by me once or twice. Comes with extra battery, charger. I paid $249 for this about three years ago.
Asking price for Kodak EasyShare V530 - $100 or best offer

6. Pirateology and Scene It? Deluxe Movie Edition board games
Self-explanatory. Pirateology is unopened, Scene It? is opened but never played with.
Asking price for the two board games - $7 each or $10 for both. Or best offer.

7. Manga collections Death Note (1-10), Rurouni Kenshin (1-28), Tsubasa (1-11), Battle Royale (1-15), Prince of Tennis (1-11), Fullmetal Alchemist (1-8), and I forget what else
Self-explanatory. I prefer to sell in entire collections. Shoot me an offer, as long as it's reasonable I'll consider it.

Interested? Send me a PM.

Pics coming soon.