Anyone want to buy a 15" 2.4 ghz 200gb macbook pro?

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13-08-2008 15:02:10

Mine just came in the mail today (thanks Nuitech), but I already got one from ideal. It's a brand new one (new model, unopened), and if I don't sell it here I'll just return it to the Apple store for credit. I'd rather get cash, but I wouldn't mind settling for $2k from apple either. Let me know if you're interested, maybe we can work out a deal.


13-08-2008 16:34:30

i don't think you can return it to apple store unless you have proof of purchase that you actually bought it from apple or

13-08-2008 18:23:25

off topic but about how much did it cost to get it through nuitech and ideal. which cost the least and could you provide me with a link? thanks and good luck selling it


13-08-2008 19:08:50

anyone want to post in the right forum?

no, OK, I'll move it.


13-08-2008 23:46:28

How much were you looking for (roughly)?


14-08-2008 07:00:59

Sorry for posting it in the wrong forum, I guess I wanted to give fellow DIY'ers first crack. As for the price, send me a PM with what you consider a fair offer and we'll go from there.


16-08-2008 20:46:46

[quote4c19ccc8c0="samz465"]How much were you looking for (roughly)?[/quote4c19ccc8c0]

I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800 or so.