WTB: Aliph Jawbone

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unknown uchiha

12-08-2008 03:19:58

I am looking for one of three different Aliph Jawbones. I am liONLYli looking for one of these three

http//www.slashphone.com/media/data/767/aliph_jawbone_yves_behar_limited_2.jpg[" alt=""/img77fc75c37b]

Preferably this one

[img="77fc75c37b]http//www.slashphone.com/media/data/767/aliph_jawbone_yves_behar_limited_3.jpg[" alt=""/img77fc75c37b]

Basically, if you have one of these limited edition Jawbone headsets feel free to message me with an offer. As for how much I'm willing to pay? Name your price. I'll pay any reasonable amount for them.