Want to buy an iphone!

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18-07-2008 13:16:00

I will buy your iphone, Id prefer it be unlocked, but May still be interested, just pm me with pics and info on it. Thansk!


18-07-2008 13:31:30

Just so you know, if you cannot get an unlocked one, there are easy tutorials online to walk you through doing it. With a good tutorial, it shouldnt take you long.


18-07-2008 16:50:02

Yea, I know, Im just lazy, I like stuff to be done for me! Doesn't every1 )

Demonic DJ

22-08-2008 12:53:09

Well I have a first gen 8GB iPhone. I would be willing to part with it for $420 + a green on one of my sites or $450?


24-08-2008 16:13:57

For reference, 3G iPhones cannot be unlocked.


24-08-2008 17:54:46

[quoteff7fe3c48d="samz465"]For reference, 3G iPhones cannot be unlocked.[/quoteff7fe3c48d]
Define "unlocked" then. Because I've seen lots of unlocked 3G iPhones around and about. The only thing that I know of that is impossible to "unlock" is 3G support, since the 3G hardware is designed for AT&T's own frequency. But all other phone functions, and fallback data speeds, seem to be working fine on other carriers from what I've been reading, as well as for the App Store. eBay is slap full of unlocked 3G's, Jailbreak has been out for the 3G for over a month.

Not that I'm a huge fan of hacking an iPhone, since Apple can essentially brick them if they really wanted to (or at least pseudo-brick, requiring a major hassle every time they shut it down). They tolerated iTunes music decryption via jHymn for a long time before killing it with v6. Then they tolerated memory-scraping the decrypted tracks for a long time with tools like QTFairUse, only to successfully shut it down a couple version back. Now they've sicced their legal dogs on Requiem and the sites that host it, before a Windows version could be released, so it's getting quite hard to get around iTunes DRM now (short of a crappy recording capture).

Point being, I just wouldn't feel comfortable taking such an expensive device as an iPhone (which would be very expensive without an AT&T contract), and then hoping Apple doesn't finally decide to brick it one day. I'm glad I've been with AT&T (nee Cingular nee BellSouth Mobility) for like 12 years now and have been very happy with them -- when I do decide to pull the iPhone trigger, I won't be bothered with hacking one. The only attraction that hacking an iPhone might have for me is to enable tethering.


24-08-2008 19:12:27

Well... I have an iphone now, you can lock this thread. Anyways, they have gold plated chips now, you put your sim card on it, then put it in the sim card tray, then in the phone, and it automatically unlocks the 3G iphone. I did it the old fashion way, and did it with guides online. They cost like $20 on ebay for the chips )