Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro dual driver buds (white)

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16-07-2008 14:42:17

A brand new pair of Ultimate Ear Super.fi 5 Pro (white) Dual Driver Earbuds. I'm only asking a buy it now price of $169 (free shipping), which to the best of my knowledge is the cheapest price online. I have started the bidding at $159 and have no takers yet and there are only 23 hours left in the auction.

I'm not just saying this to make a sale, but these honestly are the best earbuds I have ever used. I believe they provide the BEST sound quality for the price. You can get a brand new pair from an authorized dealer for $190 and they sound amazing. I'm not aware of another dual driver bud for less than that. They also have detachable cables in the event a cable should short out. They sale replacement cables at their website.

I recently sent a pair into them under warranty and they sent me this brand new/not refurbished pair... still sealed. I'm only getting rid of them because I think it's about time for an upgrade and decided to give triple drivers a shot and ordered a pair of Shure SE530.

Feel free to bid )