Offer Closed!

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14-07-2008 11:00:28

Offer Closed!!!


14-07-2008 11:09:01

Why not just do first class mail + DC? That would only cost $2.50 rather than $5.25 for Priority + DC and the difference would only be a day or two.


14-07-2008 11:09:30

Moved to hot deals...


14-07-2008 11:18:45

[quote998bfb7a5e="bruman"]Why not just do first class mail + DC? That would only cost $2.50 rather than $5.25 for Priority + DC and the difference would only be a day or two.[/quote998bfb7a5e]

The weight of both items (in glass containers) plus the packaging and packing will exceed what is allowed for First Class shipping so I have to do Priority Mailing.


14-07-2008 20:33:57

shipping kills the deal


15-07-2008 05:23:09

[quoted168d89d87="EatChex89"]shipping kills the deal[/quoted168d89d87]

Well Chex, you are looking at $16 worth of merch that you are getting for free. If I was selling it, the total would come to $24. Plus this is the full size not my sample sizes which are only 10mL and 1/2 oz.

This is high quality, certified organic materials we are talking about. The essential oils ONLY, all together, cost me $1k. That price tag isn't including my salts or carrier oil or packaging or labels. Plus the $8 shipping and handling is giving you 2-3 day delivery and delivery confirmation.

I mean, since the bottles are glass, the only way I can ship them safely is if I pack the box with stuffing and wrap the bottles and jars up with bubble wrap so the weight really adds up.


15-07-2008 08:25:43

its still worth it


16-07-2008 19:02:48

Hey ES, I would jump in and say 'yes' if it was another scent. Not too crazy about anything orange....Now mexican mudslide scent....Hmmmm, there's a thought!!


16-07-2008 19:13:47

I just use bar soap and clean and clear face wash, so I don't know much about what you're offering. Could you tell me a little about what these products do?


16-07-2008 20:51:12

I'm with Trav. May be interested, but what do these do?


16-07-2008 22:29:04

Brown sugar scrub works as a gentle exfoilate on the body (good for people with sensitive skin). It could be used on the face but only if your facial skin is on the dry side. The apricot kernal oil wouldn't be good for someone with an oily facial skin.

Body scrub is good for lifting dirt and dead skin from off the body as well as soften tough places like the elbows, palms, heels, and knees. The oil in the scrub also helps moisturize the skin, repair it, soothe and smooth it out. You can use it before a shower or bath.

Body oil can be used as a before showering moisturizer. You can also put 2-3 cap fulls in your bath to soak in. It can also be used as a massage oil.

Body oil can be used in a diffuser for house freshening or an inhalant to help with colds or coughs. It can condition and smooth the skin and is safe to use on cracked areas that don't seem to want to heal.

The hair oil treatment is safe to use on the body but is formulated to help simulate hair growth and smooth out split ends. Just warm it up in a cup of hot water, rub into roots and hair really well, and let it set an hour before rinsing out (apply shampoo directly to oil soaked hair before wetting hair with water).

Also, you can place a few drops of the treatment on a brush or comb to give your hair all day protection from the elements. PLUS, the aroma will carry longer in your hair so when you start the sweat, a new burst of fragance will be released, picking up your mood and the attention of others around you.

The essential oils used to create the scents for my products all have healing and health benefits.

Like the Sweet Orange essential oil I use for my Spiced Orange Cake, helps simulate skin cells to grow and tone the skin, helping to repair damage and promote even skin shedding (uneven skin shedding is one of the main causes of acne and dull looking skin). It is also known to uplift the spirits and re-energize the mind kinda like caffine does but without the major crash.

I also have a Preblend called "Hard Day's Night" which is a medicial blend I created. It does wonders for aching muscles and joint pain. Working at Wal-Mart, I was on my feet ALOT. While on lunch, I would rub a dime size amount onto my feet and lower legs and by the time the hour was over, I was feeling like I had been off my feet for several hours. It was a great seller with the cashiers as well!

The products are kinda "girlie" but 40% of my sales have come from guys buying some not only for their mates but for themselves as well. Patchouli is one of the popular scents among men. It has a very earthy/woods-y tone to it.

And if I didn't metion, all my products are 100% pure and organic so you're getting a true scent and not something made in a lab somewhere. I also make all my product from scratch to order so you don't have to worry about "fade-out" from something sitting on a shelf for long periods of times.


18-07-2008 23:33:24

I'd like the one that makes masturbating easiest.

So probably the oiliest

Also, if it has a natural stimulant that can make my doodle extra hard.


19-07-2008 06:06:31

okay and if she gives it to you, will you be sure to post about it in "durnk posting?"


19-07-2008 06:13:36

[quoteed1161b3a2="EatChex89"]I'd like the one that makes masturbating easiest.

So probably the oiliest

Also, if it has a natural stimulant that can make my doodle extra hard.[/quoteed1161b3a2]

Ok, Chex, you are officially an ASS! Get out of my thread...

I'm in the hospital, had to have a softball tumor removed from my ovary and you are sitting here in my business thread making "jerking off" jokes.

It's not funny and its not cool...GET LOST!!!