Buying iPhone

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13-07-2008 14:25:53

Doesn't matter 4gb or 8gb or 16gb

PM me with pictures or post it here )


13-07-2008 14:28:34

holy shit look who decided to show back up lol


13-07-2008 16:12:58

hah I've been back... just browsing around ) I need an iphone so I can be more active on FIPG when Im in class

unknown uchiha

26-07-2008 23:27:37

I have a 4GB iPhone. Comes with Invisible Shield on top and a GelaSkins skin below the Invisible Shield (still sticky enough to reapply on top if you get a new Invisible Shield.

I have dropped this phone three times. There is a dent on the back of the phone, unnoticeable with the shield and skin on. There's a scratch on top, SLIGHTLY noticeable but skin covers it.

It has the 2.0 software update, and is unlockable (I'll unlock it for you).


27-07-2008 21:34:13

Not sure if this would be a wrong act, but I really want an iphone, I too have a thread, I pm'd ya, Ill be willing to buy asap. Just reply, Thanks!