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12-07-2008 09:23:26

Let me start by saying everything works, there is no model number listed, try to find it online to see what model it is. Shoot me a price, I can get us discounted shipping so shipping will only be like 3 - 7 bucks depending on what you want

3 Sega Games

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"174/4745" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"174/4745" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

1 USB Pc Camera

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"171/2924" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"171/2924" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

1 AGP Video Card w/ Video Adapter

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"380/4306" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"380/4306" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

1 Gamecube System

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"374/8855" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"374/8855" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

1 Gamecube System Dock w/ speakers

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"374/6270" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"374/6270" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

2 Gameboys w/ fan pouche and a shit load of games

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"329/858" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"329/858" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]

[img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"329/2171" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7][=http//img="][img0d1264e0b7]http/" alt=""/"329/2171" alt=""/[/img0d1264e0b7]


12-07-2008 13:08:58

Specs of camera?


12-07-2008 15:49:20

[quotebe586df0f0="manOFice"]there is no model number listed, try to find it online to see what model it is.[/quotebe586df0f0]

Took me 15sec. You owe me FOAFY.


12-07-2008 18:40:32

[quoted3f2c7ae60="ajasax"][quoted3f2c7ae60="manOFice"]there is no model number listed, try to find it online to see what model it is.[/quoted3f2c7ae60]

Took me 15sec. You owe me FOAFY.[/quoted3f2c7ae60]

That would be the one. I probably used that camera once

I'll give it to you 8 bucks shipped


12-07-2008 19:48:35

naw i don't need it. that's a weird-ass resolution lol. i forgot my laptop had a built-in webcam. P


15-07-2008 17:35:36

I'm willing to let this stuff go very cheap...