PS3 for sale cheap!!

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06-07-2008 18:03:38

Hey guys im selling a Ps3 that was orginally a 40GB, now a 80Gb. i also have 5 games with it, GTA4 CoD4, Msg 4, Skate and the Orange box. the games wlll come in a sleeve, everything is in great shape. Looking for $360 shipped but i will listen to offers.


06-07-2008 19:02:11

Originally 40GB, now an 80GB?


06-07-2008 19:08:01

Why do the games come in a sleeve?


06-07-2008 20:59:04

Yea when i got it, it had no Hdd so i put one in, And as for he games the guy just had them in a booklet thing that you put you cd's into, but hes always done that lol.


06-07-2008 22:38:53

Why didn't it have a HDD?


07-07-2008 08:29:22

Wouldn't that make it "originally a 0GB"?