Please check it out. Guitar hero Aerosmith!

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27-06-2008 13:37:40

I found some offers on trainn sites that I can still do. So I was thinking, if you want guitar hero aerosmith for xbox 360. Ill just complete the site and send you the game and guitar and stuff. I already pre-ordered it so I done need another one. JUst trying to make some money. Let me know if you want it, and Ill do the offers and send it to you for a cost.


27-06-2008 13:41:40

So I pay you for the cost of the offers + shipping for GH Aerosmith to me, and you send me the game?


27-06-2008 19:39:46

NO, I said Im looking to make some money, not a few bucks. Treat it as if you were gonna buy the bundle new for $100. Ill sell for like $80 or whatever. You get $20 off new price. Plus I have to pay for offers, so Ill make like $70, but dont think of it like that, think of it like your getting it for $20 off.


27-06-2008 21:36:46

You could have clarified more than "send it to you for a cost"

No thanks then.


29-06-2008 15:49:03

Your better off doing the site and just request paypal as your prize. Or just try and sell it once you get the bundle?


30-06-2008 05:25:45

$5? Do not think of this as a lowball offer, just think of it as a friend in need of this bundle ;) Might do $10 )


30-06-2008 20:56:00

[quoteb127c35ade="ILoveToys"]$5? Do not think of this as a lowball offer, just think of it as a friend in need of this bundle ;) Might do $10 )[/quoteb127c35ade]


03-07-2008 16:40:24

haven't checked this in a while, also... above someone mentioned get paypal... You cant do that with this site, or can you? If so that would suck, cause I have done this site 4 times. Also... BTW, Guitar hero aerosmith has been shipped it is on its way to me. If anyone wants it. I have my price set $20 below retail. SO $80 takes the bundle. Let me know. Ill be on vaction tomorrow, but pm me and Ill reply with my ipod touch. Thanks!


03-07-2008 16:49:24

You honestly completed 8 offers for just 360 game?????


03-07-2008 17:04:24

Trainn allows you to complete it multiple times.


03-07-2008 19:25:22

[quote5fe7f1d115="tylerc"]Trainn allows you to complete it multiple times.[/quote5fe7f1d115]

I realize....Just not how I would use 8 offers that I was interested in.


04-07-2008 11:42:16

Yes, The first two, was because I really wanted a certain game/s The 3rd and 4th times, were because I am green on every trainn site, so I might as well use up the offers I haven't used. Also... I normally sell these games pretty easily, if not here, ebay!


09-07-2008 08:57:19

hey, I have the game in hand. Anyone interested in the bundle?


15-07-2008 08:27:16

hrm..... tempting


16-07-2008 19:19:02

are you interested. I beat it already with my copy, you can be the next to beat it. Come on! lol