PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME for sale :) Your Own Site!

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23-06-2008 21:35:17


[bdd93cc09b7]Short. Simple. Memorable.[/bdd93cc09b7][/sizedd93cc09b7][/colordd93cc09b7]

All the qualities a domain name should have to catch attention - you know something that "sticks" with users.[/colordd93cc09b7] is a rare .COMurl==http://=http:///url domain.

This domain has been registered at GoDaddy. The transfer of domain ownership is easy and is as simple as making a free GoDaddy account.Your customer ID will then be transferred to the domain. At that point, you will have full managing power of the domain.

Feel free to ask questions. This would be a great name to start your own freebie site

I have 100% on Ebay. Have trust in a perfect seller.



23-06-2008 21:38:18

Oh crap.. "only tangible items?"


23-06-2008 21:53:02

a rare .comurl==http://=http:///url domain eh?