Didn't know this section existed :) Grand Theft Auto IV!

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18-06-2008 10:49:58

Hey guys, I just noticed this section, so I guess Ill try to sell something here. I have 2 things, one is better than the other, you can figure it out I hope. First is

Girls gone wild wild world 2 dvd's, got it in an offer, they said I can keep them, Make an offer, Ill sell them very low.

2. Im selling Grand Theft Auto 4/ IV for the xbox 360. It is like new. Used for 10 minutes literally, I didn't like it, so here you go, take it for $45 shipped off my hands. Comes with the original case, the maps and guide and stuff. Please pm me or post below, thanks!


27-06-2008 19:43:08

Grand Theft Auto 4 SOLD!