wtb DiscDoctor

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14-06-2008 18:32:54

You know, that thing that spins and fixes all the scratches in your cds?

Yeah, since all you guys are fancy schmancy with your "iPods" and your "MP3's" I figured I could steal your obsolete disc doctor from you so i can restore my circulars to their original luster and play them on my boombox at work.

thanks fokes.

I'm willing to pay shipping.

Only shipping.


18-06-2008 18:11:44

Okay okay, I'll pay more than shipping. I need this thing bad, I know someone has it. Come on buddies. D


20-06-2008 13:43:48

After at least a couple of hundred uses, mine broke into pieces on me.

I thought about getting a motorised version of the skip doctor, but I have been hearing great things about Maxell's version, the "DSR1"



20-06-2008 21:17:45

oh man it's so expensive and I'm broke haha. what do i do?


22-06-2008 17:03:52

okay i bought one. it was 11 dollars. nice, my cd's play again! iPod? No Thank you!

Plz lock this D