Xbox 360: 120 GB Hard Drive with Data Transfer Kit

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05-06-2008 14:15:29

I have a 120 GB hard drive (retail packaged) up for grabs as well. I only opened it to use the data migration cable. The hard drive is brand new, never used, never removed from original packaging.

20 GB Hard Drive - [b4bb153c5d3]SOLD[/b4bb153c5d3]

120 GB Hard Drive with Transfer Kit - $140 shipped


07-06-2008 15:54:43

20 GB Hard Drive added. Reduced price.


09-06-2008 01:24:09

20 GB Hard Drive sold. Reduced price for 120 GB Hard Drive with Transfer Kit.


11-06-2008 04:21:51

Reduced price once more.


12-06-2008 04:09:37

[b8541d3e454]$135 shipped - FINAL OFFER[/b8541d3e454] (or else it's going on eBay)