Xbox 360 Games On eBay! Cheap!!! $3 shipping if from FiPG

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05-06-2008 11:08:04

Hey a few games going for over half of retail on ebay. I either don't play them or already beat them.

Devil May Cry 4

Condemened 2 Bloodshot

[bff5cf28f9c]I know the shipping says $8 but when you pay with paypal just send the winning price plus $3 for shipping and say that you are from FiPG.[/bff5cf28f9c][/sizeff5cf28f9c]

I also have the Scene-It game with the 4 wireless controllers that I can put up on ebay if anyone is intereested.


05-06-2008 15:56:46

I was interested in Army of Two, but since you refuse to ship to Alaska (despite there being no difference in cost if shipped through USPS) then I guess I'll have to obtain the game elsewhere.


09-06-2008 09:44:09

^^I didn't know that...

I'll have to make that exception next time. Is it the same price to Hawaii too?


09-06-2008 09:47:33

I just calculated postage to Hawaii and it is the same price. Though I'm sure with UPS/Fedex/DHL it would be more expensive.